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ong time, the storm strength also came up, this will be in getting numb pain and pain in actually sit also dozed off. what Zhang Xiaofan stretched, woke up, the whole body will feel pain, when positive self sigh, do not know when suddenly found himself lying on the platform, and originally in the side of Baguio has disappeared. Zhang Xiaofan surprised, stood up and around to look, still no shadow of Baguio, the entire cave, empty, nor even the slightest sound. Suddenly Zhang Xiaofan mind conjures up a chill, MCSA: Windows 10 it exam like a man suddenly stay in the grave in general. He frowned, got up, Xiangyebuxiang, began to find Baguio. Looked bible sarcophagus, went to that room treasure room, did not see the figure of Baguio, MCSA: Windows 10 Zhang Xiaofan thought a moment, Microsoft Certification and went out, and she did not take long, will be in that between the two worship Evil Cthulhu see the sarcophagus Baguio figure. I saw in front of the Virgin and kindly nether grim Independence Day Ming throne, Baguio knees, shoulders provocative, though strongly suppressed, but still issued a muffled choking sound. She.

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70-697 Configuring Windows Devices Microsoft MCSA: Windows 10